Cake Decorating Help, Advice and Learning opportunities available at Imaginative Icing, 22 Falsgrave Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 5AT. Ask instore for more info or Call 01723 378116.

Cake Decorating Help, Advice and Learning opportunities available at Imaginative Icing, 22 Falsgrave Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 5AT. Ask instore for more info or Call 01723 378116.

Cake Decorating Help,  Advice and Learning opportunities…

Free friendly Cake Decorating Help & Advice is always readily available in store, via the online store or you can telephone 01723 378116 Mon – Fri 9:30am – 5pm & Sat 9:30am – 12:30pm.

We also offer several services for those of you wishing to create your own cakes or wanting to learn more about the art of cake decorating these include the following…

  • Tutored Cake Decorating Workspace
  • Cake Decorating Clinic
  • Cake Decorating Classes & Workshops

Click on the tabs below to learn more…

Tutored Cake Decorating Workspace

Decorate your own birthday, celebration or wedding cake in a room fit for purpose, under the supervised direction of an experienced cake decorator.

Full use of an unrivalled selection of tools & equipment, pallet knives, rolling pins, icing tubes, cutters, embossers etc… disposable aprons also provided if required.

Expert tuition on demand to guide you through your project and learn from as you create your very own edible masterpiece.


You can book in hourly sessions for as many or as few as you need and spread them over several days to suit your project and time available.

You may store your cakes on premises until the day of celebration. The space is shared with up to three other cake decorators at a time, if you require exclusive use during a particular time period then this can be specially arranged…

Standard 1hr Session Rate = £20

The tutored workspace session rate of £20 does not cover cost of cake or other cake decorating materials as these will vary from project to project…

Fill out the session request form here so we have an idea of what you want to do and when you would like to do it.

A tutor will contact you to help plan and confirm sessions required, dates etc…

Session(s) Request Form

Please add your details below and a tutor will contact you

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Yes you can purchase gift vouchers.

Cake Decorating Clinic

We offer free friendly advice in store but if you require a more hands-on “show and tell” answer to your cake decorating question then you’ll need to book yourself into the cake clinic.

Our experienced cake decorators are here to help you. You will either be seen straight away, if the expert is available, or given a time which suits you, for when they are.

There is a £10 fee for this service. Limited to 30mins max per answering session.

Cake Decorating Classes / Workshops

Want to learn with others?

We hold regular cake decorating classes & workshops.

Most workshops/classes can be attended individually, and are suitable for all abilities unless otherwise listed. All necessary materials and equipment are provided, including a suitable box to take your item home.  Workshops/classes are held at Imaginative Icing 22 Falsgrave Road.


Call in at the shop for an up-to-date list of classes or telephone 01723 378116.

Here’s a list of classes/workshops being held during June – July 2014…

Friday June 6th
9.40am – 11.40am
Lettering and simple piping
Make writing on your cakes less stressful. Learn different ways of making trouble free lettering, and simple decorative piping.

Friday June 13th
9.40am – 11.40am
Basic sugarcraft skills Covering and decorating a sponge cake.
Learn how to cover and decorate a 6” round sponge cake. You will also learn how to use an impression/ embossing mat. A 6” sponge cake is provided. The finished cake will keep for up to 10 days.

Friday June 20th
9.40am – 11.40am
Sugar paste modelling.
Learn how to make a cute pair of 3D baby trainers/sneakers, using cutters. The finished trainers will keep and could be used on a christening or birthday cake

Friday 27th June
9.40am – 11.40am
Swags and drapes
Learn how to create simple, elegant swags and drapes for the sides of your cake.

Friday July 4th
9.40am – 11.40am
Brush embroidery
Brush embroidery is a simple but effective technique. It is suitable for use on cookies and cupcakes as well as larger celebration cakes.

Friday July 11th
9.40am – 11.40am
Lace and embroidery piping.
Learn how to pipe dainty lace on a dummy cake in class. Take home a sample board.

Friday July 18th
9.40am – 11.40am
Sugarpaste modelling
Learn how to model a kneeling figure of a man or lady gardener. The finished model will be on a small cakeboard for you to take home. Your icing model will keep and can be used on a celebration cake for your favourite gardener.


Yes you can purchase gift vouchers.

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